Coronavirus COVID-19

A little word from me.

Hello my friends. I thought I would make a note informing you about how COVID-19 is affecting Nordale Delights.

Even though I do not have the virus, it is having a serious effect on my business.

For those that do not know, I run this business single-handed. I built this website, maintain it and everything else that goes with it. I have been doing this now for almost 2 years and is something I love doing, even working, on average, 15 hours each day.

It is very difficult to keep a business afloat normally but these are very trying times. I have seen a large drop in online sales as many people are prioritising other purchases. Many of you use Amazon for a lot of purchases but please spare a thought for all the small businesses out there trying to make a living, whether they are online or on the high street. To us, you are not just a number, you are our life-blood and it really is true when they say we do a little dance when an order comes in. You help us pay our mortgage / rent, put food on the table, pay bills etc so we rely on every order.

So, if you can, please place an order, no matter how small, and give a lending hand. Even if you do not place an order, have a good look through the website, there’s so much available and if there’s anything you like, share it on social media. Simply liking and sharing products on Facebook / Twitter helps so much. The same applies for Facebook posts. It enables more people to see what is available and therefore potentially increases sales which will help me get through to the other side.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and above all, take care.


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